EeveeA Shares A Screenshot Of A Content Creator Posting Hateful Comments About Transgender People

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 27/8/2019

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A couple of hours ago EeveeA tweeted in regards to a certain popular content creator being transphobic towards her.

In the tweet EeveeA shares a screenshot of the conversation that the unknown content creator was having with another person through Discord. (You can find the screenshot in the Tweet posted below)

“if I see eveea at lan imam knock the woman out of him” the unknown person said.

EeveeA deciding not to make the name of the content creator public didn’t go well with the community, as people on Reddit shared the tweet around and went on their own investigation to find out who the unknown person is.

xQc and GaleAdelade were the most talked about and accused of such actions, Gale known in the past for his transphobic comments when he was still 16 has since shown that he has changed but part of the community wasn’t buying it, hence he was witch-hunted and accused on social media of being the unknown person.

Gale fed up with the harassment online went on to Twitter and tweeted that he had no involvement in the screenshot that was spread, and he has changed and isn’t the same person he was two years ago.

EeveeA seeing how her tweet is damaging other content creators and causing people to harass Gale, quickly tweeted that Gale has nothing to do with the screenshot, clearing his name.

“Gale is not the person in that conversation, please stop saying he is.” Eeveea tweeted.

Another name that also seems to stand out is Blame The Controller, a popular Overwatch YouTuber that has had a lot of differences with EeveeA in the past and ended up blocking her on Twitter could very likely be the unknown person.

Non the less this tweet has gotten a lot of Reddit and Twitter users enraged and are going out of their way to harass Overwatch content creators they believe they’re the unknown person.