D.Va Buff Confirmed By Overwatch Developer In Patch 1.45

Category: Overwatch, Date: 08/Jan/2020

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Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch developer Josh Noh confirms that a D.Va buff will be included in the upcoming patch 1.45.

D.Va’s kit has been tweaked numerous times since the game’s release, especially her defense matrix. With the introduction of role queue that replaced GOATS meta with the current shield meta, D.Va fell out of meta and her pick rate dropped significantly.

On January 7, Josh Noh commented on a post about D.Va on the Official Overwatch forums, in his comment Noh stated that they’ve been testing around with D.Va’s Boosters by dropping the cooldown from 5 seconds to 3.


“We’ve actually been playtesting a Boosters cooldown reduction recently,” Josh Noh said on the official Overwatch forums “It sounded kind of intimidating on paper (tested a 3 sec CD first) but in practice hasn’t been that crazy and allows D.Va to play the midfield more freely, which works well with the current 10 meter Defense Matrix range. Some version should make it to the next PTR cycle.”

According to Noh, the change will allow D.Va to play midfield more freely as her engage/escape mechanism will be available more frequently.

Although the change will benefit D.Va players, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be back in meta, the change should be coming to the next PTR cycle, and until it hits live servers it’s almost impossible to confirm whether D.Va will be back in meta or not.

Given that the update will hold changes to other heroes, one in particular, is Baptiste’s Immortality Field that Jeff Kaplan hinted at, we might see a shift in the current dominant heroes.

We’re not sure when exactly patch 1.45 will be released, but with the announcement of numerous hints to upcoming changes, we can expect the patch’s release is in the near future.