C9 Aspen Gets Hate On Reddit For A Car Commercial

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 27/4/2019

C9 Aspen, an Overwatch streamer/content creator at Cloud 9 that specializes in the support category, has surprised the Overwatch community with her participation in a BMW car commercial.

The video started a heated discussion on Reddit, with Redditors either supporting the Overwatch streamer or disliking the commercial as a whole.

What sparked the controversial topic were two factors, first was the title of the commercial that gave the title of “Pro Player” to Aspen and the second was Aspen stating the following twice in the commercial:

Aspen: “I am the best player this game has ever seen”

Even though Aspen followed it up with “Just not yet” at the end of the commercial, that wasn’t enough to avoid the hate she got from the community, as they shared their disagreement regarding the title of “Pro Player” being given to Aspen, not agreeing that she’s the best player the game has ever seen, along with some sharing their dislike towards Aspen’s personality as a whole.

It’s well known that the Overwatch community has held tons of discussions on who is the best player the game has seen, whether it is Dafran, Pine, JJoNak or Effect, the list goes on and when someone claims to be the best player a reaction from the community is to be expected.

Some of the comments that were shared on Reddit are:

“Did I miss the memo where being in Top 500 made you a professional Overwatch player? lol.”

” “I am… the best player this game has ever seen.
Rank #249″
That timing between the vo and on screen text is hilarious.”

“This advertisement is so cringe!”
“What professional league is she apart of?”
Credit: @C9Aspen

Aspen Tweeted the following:

“I woke up very confused to all this Reddit stuff. I don’t really feel like streaming for a bit. Thanks to everyone defending me, love you all ^-^”

Obviously, the hate from the community has affected Aspen negatively to the point that she decided it’s best to take a little break from streaming.

A number of the community came along and stood up for Aspen against the overwhelming hate she’s gotten but the arguments started taking another route, accusing the community of sexism pointing out that if Aspen wasn’t a girl this wouldn’t have caused such negative reaction from the community.

Non the less it will take a while before the community moves on to another hot topic, in the hopes that this doesn’t affect Aspen negatively in the future.