Bumper Comments In Regards To Purposefully Throwing A Competitive Game

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 20/8/2019

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Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Last Saturday, we posted an article about professional player Sang-beom “Bumper” Park, tank player for Vancouver Titans, in regards to him throwing a competitive game because he wasn’t given the hero Sigma. The post on Reddit providing the context from the Sigma player along with a replay of the game blew up gaining a lot of attention.

Neither Bumper’s team the Vancouver Titans nor Blizzard made any statement in regards to Bumper blatantly throwing a competitive game by constantly throwing himself off the map and not contributing to team fights.

Yesterday, while Bumper was streaming he spoke about the whole situation, Gatamchun on Twitter translated Bumper’s statement from Korean to English.

Bumper’s excuse for his actions was that he has been feeling stressed, his teammate asking him to “give him a kiss” in exchange for switching off Sigma irritated him, he still wasn’t planning on throwing the game until the person on Sigma stood in front of him at the spawn’s doors getting him more irritated, after throwing the first map Bumper just felt the game was over and continued to throw the second map, at the end of his statement he acknowledged that his actions are wrong and it is purely his fault, he added that neither his team nor Blizzard have given the whole occurrence any attention or brought it up to him.

Credit: Twitter @gatamchun

What occurred in-game from Bumper’s explanation falls in line with what the Sigma player on Reddit posted, making it clearer Bumper’s actions aren’t warranted and we’re waiting to see if Blizzard and the Vancouver Titan’s will take the necessary disciplinary actions against Bumper just as Blizzard and other teams have done towards other Overwatch League players that have violated their terms of service.

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