#BoycottOverwatch Movement is trying to fix Overwatch? Or do they have their own Agenda?

Category: Overwatch By: Sorryow Date: 12/4/2019

The movement began after the fall of #ReworkMercy which was led by Aria Rose.

The #ReworkMercy members created a new movement, #BoycottOverwatch with “Revert Mercy” being the “voice” of the movement. Revert Mercy posted a video on youtube titled  “State of Overwatch Address | Are you with us?”

The video style in itself resembled greatly another video made to stand up against Aria Rose and the #ReworkMercy movement titled Aria Rose, it’s time for us to speak up.”

Revert Mercy’s video called for a 30-day boycott and talked about the current state of Overwatch, showing their dislike towards the path the game has gone, and wanting less focus on OWL and more focus on the balancing.

The video spoke about sexism and racism as well, mentioning that it did not exist back when Overwatch was in its fresh days, Along with the developers ignoring part of the player base while focusing on the other.

It also advertised the movement as a movement that apparently represents everyone. That until #ReworkMercy was brought up, the video showed the true motives of its owner and those that stood behind it.

What better way to gain more people into a movement after you’ve lost a huge number of your supporters?

Obviously trying to please anyone that isn’t happy with the current state of the game, offering them a place where they feel accepted among those that share similar opinions.

But does the movement care about anything besides their own motives? Well, we went to test things.

Taking a small look at the video’s comment section all the comment were supporting the video, we felt something was off.

The Like/Dislike ratio gave a clear image that some people didn’t agree or at least fully agree with what was being said. Why didn’t they voice their opinion? Why didn’t they share their dislike to the video in the comment section?

So we wrote our opinion, we know that the #BoycottOverwatch movement is built off of a peaceful movement that wants to fix the game while maintaining a positive and healthy discussion with everyone, along with allowing everyone to share their opinions as no one should be silenced. 

Or so they claim?

Our constructive comment giving our honest opinion regarding the video and the state of Overwatch was deleted shortly. The movement that advocated for discussion apparently doesn’t advocate for all discussions.

So we went another route.



We decided to comment on Revert Mercy’s tweet, taking them up on their offer on having discussions.

Revert Mercy Tweet:* Overwatch and Fortnite are both hosting special events right now to be 1st and 2nd place on twitch in terms of views. * Apex Legends is in 3rd place, merely for existing. (at the time of this post) Hmmmm….”
“I wonder how well would perform on twitch, had they hosted their own event?”
Our tweet: “It’s a new hyped game your tweet has no logical sense behind it, remember that one game that most streamers played it? That one game that was dominating twitch views even hailed as the death of fortnite? That one game that was doing tournaments? What was it again? Realm Royal?”

And we waited for a response, either an agreement or disagreement. The result?


As we expected the movement doesn’t differ than the one Aria Rose was leading.

The people representing the current movement are still the same. They refuse to accept any opinion that differs than theirs and will go out of their way to silence those voices. They have complained in the past that Overwatch ignores and silences them yet they do exactly the same.