Blizzard Finally Combating Cheaters

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 30/6/2019

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Multiple players have reported their games being canceled and receiving an unfamiliar message after the new patch went live.

There has been a rampant increase of cheaters lately and players constantly complaining about the problem, even seeing an increasing number of cheaters on popular streams, it looks like Blizzard is finally using a new method to combat cheaters. If a cheater is detected the game will automatically cancel as if it never even occurred and with the cheater getting banned on spot. The old system would allow the game to carry on even if a cheater is present in the game, it will take until the game is over for them to get banned that is if they were detected by the system, the issue here is that the cheater has already ruined the game and gave his team an unfair advantage over the other.

We’re hoping that Blizzard has also added new methods to detect a cheater in an attempt to decrease their numbers significantly, hoping that Overwatch takes more control over these problems which will ultimately create a more fair competitive atmosphere for all players.