Aspen Leaves Cloud 9 To Try Joining The Overwatch League Next Season

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 26/7/2019

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Yesterday, Aspen posted an announcement on her Twitter sharing her plans for the future.

In the video Aspen said she’ll be leaving cloud 9 to pursue joining the overwatch league.

Aspen being a grandmaster/top 500 support main definitely has the potential to become a professional player and compete against the best.

The Overwatch league and contenders have been dominated by male players, the only current female professional player competing in the Overwatch League is Geguri, an Off-tank player for Shanghai Dragons.

Aspen will have a lot to prove with eyes focused on her performance, a lot will be cheering for her to succeed and to prove that more women can step up and equally compete with men on the highest level there is.

We wish nothing but the best for Aspen, in the hopes she manages to make it to the overwatch league.

A rumor spread around regarding Fran, a popular twitch streamer and that she was planning to aim for the overwatch league as well. Fran tweeted that she had no plans of becoming a professional, she’s merely scrimming and competing in open division to become a better player.