Aria Rose Receives Backlash And Is Deemed Transphobic After Fake Screenshot Is Spread

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 2/7/2019

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In a previous articlewe spoke about the official return of #ReworkMercy and talked about our opinions in regards to the voice of the movement, Aria Rose.

A lot has happened these couple of days, with drama spreading around the #ReworkMercy this time someone other than Aria was stirring it. A couple of screenshots were spread on Twitter that created a huge outrage.

The screenshot that created the most controversy was one where Aria had posted “ITS A Trap” with an image of Eeveea underneath it. (It was later determined that that specific screenshot was doctored)

Eeveea is a well-known streamer that plays Overwatch and mains Mercy, she had shared her transitioning process into a female on Twitter and on her own stream, the fact that Aria used Eeveea to make a joke was the last straw, many people on Twitter called her out on it, even those within the #ReworkMercy movement were appalled by such actions from someone that should be a positive face and voice for the movement, she had been called a racist in the past, now words on her being transphobic on Twitter and Reddit are spreading, many of those that follow the movement are demanding she steps down, others want to recreate the movement and rid themselves of anything that has to do with Aria, there still seemed to be a small but vocal numbers that defended Aria throughout all the hate.

Aria Rose tweeted the following after the whole outrage on Twitter

Niandra tweeted stating that Aria shouldn’t be the voice of the movement while also posting the screenshots in her tweet, she removed the tweet later on after knowing that the screenshot was doctored. Niandra had her fair share of dealing with Aria in the past that were nothing but negative experiences.

Some have come out and apologized for their negative tweets about the whole ordeal.

We’ve shared our opinions on here in regards to Aria Rose and her actions in the past but we’ll always show the truth as it is, if Aria did nothing wrong and is being framed in an attempt ruin her reputation we’ll report it as it is.