Annie Accuses xQc Of Lying and Throwing Toxic Remarks, It Backfires On Her

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Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 3/5/2019

Annie a streamer for Florida Mayhem caused controversy after she tweeted on the first of May the following:

Annie: “XQC saw my tweet, and when I played against him in 2 games today, called me a pus*y as* noob bit*h, then told all of his viewers that I frequently snipe him and post my twitch and clips in his chat for clout. Literally lying to thousands of people because I beat him in a game”


Credit: @AnneDroMedia


The tweet received a lot of attention with most of the replies quickly asking for proof to backup Annie’s accusations.

Shortly after xQc tweeted the following:

xQc: “Lying on the internet for twitter likes, yikes”
Credit: @xQc


Even though xQc didn’t bring up any names in his tweet, his fan base quickly caught up to the connection of Annie’s tweet with his, supporting xQc and calling out Annie as an attention seeker and a clout chaser.

As more comments kept asking for proof Annie finally made a reply, linking three clips in her tweet.

Annie:… Recognizing me from Twitter… Lies about me posting links and acting overly nice to him, which was why I was raided… Calls Jardio and our duo snipers, and hides his queue at the end of the game to avoid us”
Credit: @AnneDroMedia


Annie’s “proof” was not enough to convince everyone, as most of them pointed out that two of the clips are not worth all the drama and that he was not referencing her and Jardio as the snipers (he never said “duo snipers”) but referencing a sniper on his team also pointing out that she did not provide a proof to xQc calling her a “pus*y as* noob bit*h”, reaffirming that the whole tweet was to stir up drama and clout chase.

Some sided with Annie stating that xQc is toxic and that his fan base will defend him even if a solid proof was given but they were lost among the majority siding with xQc.

Apparently, this did not end there as Annie later kept on tweeting regarding the whole situation, one of her tweets was:

Annie: “Receiving DM’s telling me to kill myself and that I deserve to have my rights taken away ResidentSleeper We go agane boys! Just as i predicted, even with uploaded proof the comments have turned from calling me a liar, to personally attacking me and calling me slurs instead. Nothing i cant handle, the lack of creativity is amusing. Stay safe y’all <3”
Credit: @AnneDroMedia


Regardless of the validity of this tweet, receiving death threats and attacking people is not okay whatever the situation is.

Annie up until now is still standing by her original tweet as the community still waits for valid proof to back it up.