Accusations Of Sexual Assault Against A Minor By An Overwatch Contenders Player

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 14/6/2019

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Apparently, the Dreamkazper situation has maybe repeated itself, sadly. Yoon “Fr3e” Tae-in, a newly assigned off-tank player for the Overwatch Contenders North America team Meta Skyfoxes has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor, allegedly Fr3e molested the minor while she was sleeping.

The tweets that were posted by pwk_ow included private messages between Fr3e and the minor, detailed the alleged assault, explaining what had occurred while the minor was sleeping. The tweets mentioned Fr3e taking off the minor’s cloth while she was asleep and touching her, she kept quiet about it as to not ruin the pro player’s career.

Also to highlight a certain private message on Facebook that was shared through the tweets, according to the translation, the accuser said in the message:

“I showed up because you promised not to touch me, and then you touched me in my sleep”

Fr3e Response: “sorry”

The tweets also were urging Meta Skyfoxes to take serious actions immediately against the accused player, which Meta Skyfoxes responded in a tweet.

“We are aware of the ongoing situation and are moving to handle it internally.
An official update can be expected on our social channels later today.”

We’re still not fully sure of the legitimacy of the accusations, we’ll keep you updated on everything that occurs.


Update: Meta Skyfoxes tweeted the following:

“After conducting an internal investigation, Meta Skyfoxes have mutually decided to part ways with FR3E.

While we believe that this matter should be handled by the appropriate authorities, we take all allegations of this nature very seriously and apologize to our fans and the Overwatch community.

Meta Skyfoxes does not and will never condone any form of sexual harassment or sexual assault.”