Tarzaned Claims He Boosted IWillDominate's Accounts To Challenger

Category: League of Legends, Date: 21/May/2020

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Popular League of Legends content creator Julian “Tarzaned” Farokhian revealed that he boosted fellow streamer IWillDominate to challenger.

IWillDominate has been involved in drama with popular Twitch streamer Tyler1 over a beef they’ve had for a while now, IWillDominate going to the extent of calling Tyler1 a “cancer human being.” But it seems things didn’t just end there.

On May 20, while Tarzaned was live streaming he revealed that he has boosted two of IWillDominate’s accounts to challenger for 2 years in season 7 and 8. Tarzaned is known for having a history of boosting players for money, so the news of him boosting someone’s account didn’t come as a shock to the community.

“I actually had to play on your account for 2 years straight to get you challenger” Tarzaned said. “Both accounts I boosted to challenger for him 2 years straight, season 7 and 8.”

According to Tarzaned he held that information for three years but he decided to expose IWillDominate saying “I don’t know how he can have such a massive ego, I’m so nice to you from start to finish” he continued “It’s just very disrespectful, so you need to really drop your ego, use this as a wakeup call, man.”

Tarzaned’s claims are serious and can lead to the suspension of both players by Riot Games as account sharing and boosting accounts is against the summoner’s code.

IWillDominate has yet to release any statement in regards to the claims made against him by Tarzaned.