Riot Games Reveals Plans To Combat Toxic Behavior In League of Legends

Category: League of Legends, Date: 08/May/2020

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Riot Games

Riot Games shares plan to combat toxic behavior in League of Legends after ex pro player Voyboy called the company out for lack of action.

Riot game director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon shared Riot’s plans to address the toxic in-game behavior in today’s dev blog post. Riot Games currently has a short and long term goal to improve the experience of their player base.

Currently, a new adjustment to the report and notification system is being tested. Players previously only received a notification if one of the players they reported was punished, but didn’t accurately portray the number of punished players since the notifications were “substantially lower.”

The adjustment notifies players if their report did result in a punishment regardless of the category they report someone for, even if a dozen games pass before the offenders are punished.

As for the short term goal, Riot will be addressing toxic behavior in champion select phase, starting late quarter two. Players will have the ability to report trolls or toxic players in champ select. A punishment system will be deployed after the dev team gets enough data to identify different types of behavior accurately.

Lastly, Riot will be testing out the automated system, since it’s hard to determine if a player was actually throwing the game or simply had a bad game, especially with players reporting others for simply getting stomped in the lane.

“What’s an acceptable rate of incorrect bans if it results in a noticeable drop in deliberate inting/afking?” Meddler said. “Is it worth accidentally giving a two-week ban to one player who was genuinely trying if that means 19 trolls also get banned?”

Riot will be giving out an update on the changes within a month.