Riot Games Issues A Response To Voyboy About The State Of Ranked Solo Queue

Category: League of Legends, Date: 07/May/2020

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Rivington Bisland III/ Voyboy

Riot Games has issued a response to popular streamer Voyboy after he shared concerns regarding the current League of Legends Solo Queue ranked state.

Former professional player Voyboy posted a video discussing some of the major issues in the ranked Solo Queue games, stating that it’s ruined by toxic behavior of players that simply don’t care about the game anymore.

This prompted a massive controversy with the majority of the community blaming Riot Games for not taking action against such players ruining the game.

On May 5, during the latest installment of Riot Report series, League of Legends commentator Rivington Bisland III shared Riot Games’ response to Voyboy and the community.

“Voyboy has released a video lately that made waves going out to the internet, Voyboy has been a long-standing member of the League community,” he explained, “he has spoken out recently about the toxicity in his games and how that’s being approached.”

Ge added that they are looking at new approaches to maintain a competitive and fair ranked system and that Voyboy and the community’s concerns are being heard.

“We can assure here at Riot that is something that is taken very seriously, we are always watching, we are always iterating on that process,” he said.

“The team is working around the clock to make sure that is something that can be resolved in a timely manner. Be sure that we are on the case and hopefully that is something that brings a better quality-of-life in the future, Voyboy we hear you,” Riv said.

Riv didn’t go into details on what exactly Riot Games has planned to address the issues nor when will they be implemented and with the current pandemic affecting working circumstances it might take longer than originally planned by Riot.