Riot Games hotfixes LoR Champions Vi, Sejuani, Twisted Fate, and Lee Sin

Category: League of Legends, Date: 05/May/2020

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riot-hotfixes-lor-champions (2)
Riot Games

Riot Games released several major hotfixes to the newly released champions in Legends of Runeterra.

Legends of Runeterra officially launched a week ago and it has been a massive success. But there were several in-game bugs that players found out with Sejuani, Twisted Fate, Lee Sin, and Vi. The LoR team quickly released a small patch addressing those issues.

  • Sejuani’s leveled up ability should now always apply, even with start-of-round effects like Citybreaker.
  • Lee Sin should now properly receive Barrier, even if he leveled up from the first spell in a round.
  • Vi should no longer temporarily gain +8 attack power during her Level-Up.
  • Twisted Fate should now be playable with a full board, like any other unit.

One specific bug that affected the competitive game is Vi gaining +8 on her attack power during her level-up. She was banned from some tournaments due to players abusing the bug.

Start-of-the-round effects like Citybreaker and Ember Maiden weren’t being applied towards Sejuani’s level up, making it harder to play her.

Additional fixes and will become available in the upcoming Legends of Runeterra 1.1 patch next Tuesday, May 12.