New League of Legends 2020 Cinematic “Warriors”

Category: League of Legends, Date: 09/Jan/2020

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Riot Games

Riot Games released a new cinematic titled “Warriors” for the 2020 League of Legends season, featuring a rendition of the 2014 song Imagine Dragons.

The cinematic features three different storylines, each holds different champions facing one another.

The first storyline is in Demacia, where Garen, Lux, and Galio fight off an attack led by Sylas.
The second showcases Caitlyn and Vi facing off against Urgot and what seems to be his followers.

The last one showcases Ezreal and Kai’Sa fighting off what looks like a horde of voidlings.
The visuals of the video simply look amazing, and compared to the older cinematic, the details of the champions, their facial expressions and movements are on another level.

This isn’t the only content League of Legends fans will receive, Riot has plans to reveal information on game modes and events, new champions, and Clash coming soon.