New League Cinematic "Dark Shadow" Is Lucian's Wife The New Champion?

Category: League of Legends, Date: 13/Oct/2019

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Senna New League of legends champion
Credit: Riot Games

Today, Riot Games released a new short cinematic “Dark Passage” that showcases both League of Legends champions Lucian and Thresh.

In the lore Thresh tricked Senna and ensnared her soul, trapping her in a spectral prison. Lucian knows that Senna’s soul is lost, but never loses hope that one day he will bring her peace.

The 41-second short cinematic showcased Lucian remembering the horrible tragedy of when Thresh trapped his wife’s soul, Lucian can be seen sitting on a boat as he sails for Shadow Isles, “It ends now” Lucian says as the short cinematic ends.

Riot has released a new short story titled “Homebound” on patch 9.20 that talks more on Lucian’s quest to save his wife’s soul from Thresh. Lucian realizes his failures to save Senna and the suffering he added to her, as such he decides to bury his dead setting off to Shadow Isles.

Many League of Legends fans are speculating that the new champion might be Lucian’s wife Senna. On the Public Beta Environment (PBE), one user found a mysterious fog rolling out of the fountain, prompting the possibility the next champion will be from the Shadow Isles.