New Champion Aphelios Trailer Reveal

Category: League of Legends, Date: 25/Nov/2019

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Credit: Riot Games

Riot teased a new League of Legends champion, Aphelios, only two weeks after the new champion’s release, Senna.

On League of Legends twitter, a trailer was released of the new champion Aphelios showcasing a demonstration using his mystical weapons.

The trailer starts off with Aphelios coughing after ingesting himself with the poisonous Noctum flower. This numbed the Targonian from everything but pain, according to the champion’s biography from last week. 

Aphelios then hears his twin sister’s voice, Alune.

“So many weapons, Aphelios,” Alune says. “The deadliest is your faith.”

Aphelios can wield five moonstone weapons that each provide different basic attacks, proving that the hero is not easy to master.

The weapons Aphelios used are scythe pistol, a rifle, a flamethrower, a gravity cannon, and boomerang.

Aphelios is definitely a unique addition to the marksman role, challenging ADC mains to master his high skill cap.

You can check out all of Aphelios skills in more detail here.