League Of Legends Twitch Rivals Ends With The Victory Of Team EU And Team Yassuo

Category: League of Legends, Date: 29/9/2019

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Credit: Tyler1/Yassuo

TwicthCon 2019 has been outstanding, top Twitch streamers have gathered in San Diego, California this weekend to compete in the Twitch Rivals event.

The League of Legends tournament is composed of two show matches, first one is European and North American streamers that won the Road to TwitchCon event earlier this month going against one another.

The teams went head to head against one another in a best-of-three format, with the first two games being blind pick. The first game was won by the European team after just 22 minutes. The second game was also the European team’s win, securing their win in another 22-minute game. The European team managed to win the first place prize pool of $20,000, while the North American team went home with the second-place prize pool of $5,000.

The second show match consisted of two teams of Twitch’s popular streamers, Team Tyler1 and Team Yassuo, going against one another in the “Rumble on the Rift”, the tournament’s format was the same as the first, a best-of-three game with the first two matches being blind picks.

Team Tyler1 members: Tyler1, Voyboy, Nightblue3, Shiphtur, and Lilypichu.

Team Yassuo members: Yassuo, Boxbox, Trick2g, Saber, and Pokimane.

Team Yassuo managed to win their first game, with an early lead that put them ahead of Team Tyler1 finishing the game at the 25-minute mark.The second game held different results, this time Team Tyler1 dominated the game securing the win for their team.The third game was intense that carried on for 45-minutes, Team Yassuo managed to come on top and secure the win.

First place prize pool of $20,000 was awarded to Team Yassuo, while team Tyler1 took the second prize of $5,000.

Sunday’s show match will see some of Twitch’s biggest stars face off in a game of Apex Legends.