League of Legends Streamer Under Fire For "Deranking" To Break A Record

Category: League of Legends, Date: 19/Jan/2020

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Kami_KhaZix/Riot Games

A League of Legends streamer that goes by the name “Kami_KhaZix” is receiving a wave of criticism after accusations of him deranking and smurfing were surfaced.

Apparently, the Twitch streamer has set a goal to beat the current standing record of most consecutive wins in ranked Duo Queue, the record of most consecutive wins is over 150 wins which RatIRL managed to accomplish.

Kami_KhaZix has reached halfway through his journey but eyes started noticing something fishy when the streamer was still playing against silver players even after over 70 games were won, many suggested that the streamer purposefully lost games dropping to lower ranks (Iron IV) before his their journey.

The Reddit post caught a lot of attention, receiving more than 11k upvotes. Players questioned Riot’s lack of action towards such methods, Kami_KhaZix is a Grandmaster division player on the EU-West server, he should not be matched against silver players and remain in a low rank for over 70 games.

Starting his journey along with his duo partner at a low rank ensured that they’d have a better start in securing easier wins, especially that both of them are considered top players while playing against mediocre League of Legends players.

After the Reddit post went viral, random high ranked players “stream sniped” the streamer and defeated him in one game, breaking his 70+ game win record, at the time of writing this article Kami_KhaZix sits at an 80-1 record.

Now the community is demanding that both Riot Games and Twitch take actions against the blatant exploitation of the game’s ranked system.

Up until now Kami_KhaZix’s League of Legends and Twitch accounts are still active and he and his duo partner continue playing in lower ranks.