League of Legends Shaco Rework Revealed

Category: League of Leagends, Date: 18/9/2019

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Shaco Rework
Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed that they have plans for a fresh rework for the jungler champion Shaco in the upcoming League of Legends PBE update.

In a tweet game designer Azubuike “AzuBK” Ndefo-Dahl revealed Riot’s plans to rework the long-forgotten clown. Although Riot has completely cast away Shaco, the clown still had loyal players that enjoyed playing him, constantly demanding that Riot takes a look at their champion and gives him the love he deserves.

The changes focus on giving Shaco a stronger early game while slowly falling off late game.

Many players aren’t happy about the new numbers, fearing that the Demon Jester will make his way back into the Meta and dominate the games.

The most important change is Shaco’s Jack in the Box, boxes now deal area-of-effect damage to targets, and they also fear non-champions for three seconds.

As for Shaco’s ultimate, the damage from the clone’s explosion is lowered, and the boxes will trigger immediately instead of having to wait for the enemy to walk close to them.

Azbuk stated that the numbers might be over-tuned, making it clear that they’re still testing with the mechanical changes and that the numbers will be altered if needed so.