League of Legends Juggernaut Sett Is Now Live

Category: League of Legends, Date: 14/Jan/2020

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Riot Games

The wait is finally over, League of Legends newest champion, Sett “the Boss” is finally on the live servers for players to try him out on the rift.

Riot has been releasing complicated champions for a while now but Sett is different, his kit is much easier for players to learn, hence the top-lane brawler will definitely attract a lot of players to try him out.

Passive—Pit Grit

Heavy Hands: Sett’s basic attacks alternate between a left and right punch, but always start with a left punch. Attack speed increases the speed of both punches.

Left punches do normal damage and follow Sett’s regular attack speed, while right punches come out faster (eight times the speed of his left punches) and deal bonus damage. Sett resets back to a left punch if he doesn’t do a right punch within two seconds after the left punch.

Heart of the Half-Beast: Sett gains 0.25 additional health regeneration for each five percent missing health.

Q—Knuckle Down

Sett gains a 30-percent movement speed buff for 1.5 seconds while moving toward enemy champions. Sett’s next two basic attacks within five seconds each deal bonus physical damage and a percentage of the target’s maximum health. Consuming an attack refreshes the timer.


Passive: Sett stores 100 percent of post-mitigation damage taken as “Grit” to a cap of 50 percent of Sett’s maximum health. Grit decays by 30 percent every second after four seconds. 

Active: Sett expends all Grit to deal true damage to all enemies in a centerline. Enemies not in the centerline take physical damage instead. Sett also gains a rapidly decaying shield equal to the expended Grit over two seconds.


Sett pulls in enemies at his front and back, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies by 50 percent for 0.5 seconds. If Facebreaker affects at least one enemy on each side, all targets are stunned for one second after landing.

R—The Show Stopper

Sett suppresses the target enemy champion and then carries them forward for 1.5 seconds before slamming them to the ground. Enemies within the impact area take physical damage and are slowed by 99 percent for 1.5 seconds.

The new champion might shake up the meta and with the new season 2020 just starting, players have plenty of time to learn the how to play Sett and climb up the ranks with him.