League of Legends Anime Arcane Is In The Making

Category: League of Legends, Date: 16/Oct/2019

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riot arcane anime
Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games announced during their League 10th anniversary that they’re creating an inspired animated series titled “Arcane.”

Riot Games has announced a lot of unexpected projects coming in the future, this includes League of Runeterra, a first-person shooter game that goes under the code name Project “A” or Ares, a League of Legends Esports manager game, a fighting game, and a mobile game.

Riot has also announced they’re developing on an animated series about League of Legends titled Arcane.

In the trailer, it appears that the anime will take place in the city Zuan and Piltover,
Jinx will be featured in the series and potentially the main character of the show. 

The description of the trailer states that the series “Arcane” will be about the origins of the two iconic League champions and the power that will tear them apart. 

Arcane will probably revolve around the champions Jinx and Vi, touching a little on their past, the series is set to be released in 2020.