IWillDominate Claims He Boosted Tarzaned's Accounts

Category: League of Legends, Date: 23/May/2020

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Former pro player IWIllDominate addresses the allegations that fellow streamer Tarzaned boosted two of his accounts to Challenger, calming that he actually boosted Tarzaned’s account.

While live on stream IWillDominate showed his viewers various Discord screengrabs as evidence to him boosting Tarzaned’s account.

“Why does one person just say one negative thing about another person and the community just believes it at face value when there’s zero proof?” IWD said. “I literally proved that I boosted his account. What other proof could you want?”

In one screengrab, IWD asks Tarzaned for an account so he can boost it because he was bored. According to the screengrab Tarzaned provided his own account for a boost and offered to pay for the service, to which IWD declined.

IWD also admitted that Tarzaned played on his account before, but said it was to prevent it from decaying. According to the former pro the account was already in Challenger. IWD admitted that he bought unranked accounts from Tarzaned so that he could climb the ladder with them, but denied Tarzaned’s claim that he paid over $10,000.

On May 21, Tarzaned posted several screengrabs on Twitter that allegedly show IWillDominate paying him for boosting. Tarzaned claims a $2,446 payment was to get one of IWD’s season-seven accounts from Diamond One to Challenger.

Tarzaned later deleted the tweet that showed payments from IWD. The two have agreed to just “end it here,” and “not further drag each other.”