Huhi Reportedly To Join 100 Thieves As Support Main For 2021

Category: League of Legends, Date: 17/Nov/2020

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According to Esportsmaniacos reporter Pablo Suárez, Choi ‘Huhi’ Jae-Hyun will be joining 100 Thieves for the upcoming 2021 LCS season as their support player.

Huhi will be joining Ssumday, FBI. Closer are going to be on the team for the upcoming season. The midlaner for the team has still not been revealed.

He has been an exponential player on his previous team. Some of his teammates on Golden Guardians are now part of 100 Thieves as well. Huhi used to be on 100 Thieves filling the mid lane role back in Spring Split 2019, but he decided to swap roles to support in the Summer Split 2019, where he found more success in that role.

100 Thieves did not have much success on the LCS during the past years. Regularly ending at the bottom of the standings. But with acquiring top players to join the team, 100 Thieves could perform better this year, awaiting their last player to join the roster as the mid laner of the team.