Abilities Of LOL New Champion Seraphine Supposedly Leaked

Category: League of Legends, Date: 12/Oct/2020

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Riot Games

The abilities of the upcoming League of Legends champion and K/DA popstar Seraphine have supposedly been leaked ahead of the official release.

Seraphine made her appearance on Twitter back on August 19, under the username @seradotwav. It was soon outed as a Riot run account, which is all about Seraphine.

Her abilities have been leaked by a Reddit user and the names of each ability have been leaked on Twitter.

Leaked abilities 

Passive – Echo. Every third basic ability will echo, casting it again. Casting an ability grants a Note to an ally, for each Note, Seraphine’s next basic attack gains additional range and magic damage.

Q – High Note. Deal magic damage in a targeted area, damage increases depending on enemies’ missing health.

W – Surround Sound. Shield all nearby allied champions and grant them a movement speed buff. If Seraphine is already shielded, nearby allies receive a heal based on their missing health.

E – Beat Drop. Deals magic damage and slows to enemies hit. If the targets are already slowed, they are rooted instead.

R – Encore. Deal magic damage and charm enemies hit by the spell. Spell extends whenever it hits an ally or enemy champion.

Seraphine is the number 152 champion and will be playable on the PBE on October 13.