Xbox Series X Leak Reveals Release Date & Launch Price

Category: Games, Date: 08/Sep/2020

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The Xbox Series X and S release date and price have been revealed, according to new insider reports.

A few hours after a first look of the Xbox Series S appeared online ahead of Microsoft’s planned event, trusted Microsoft insiders Jez Corden and Zac Brown reported that both next-gen consoles will be released worldwide on Tuesday, November 10.

The entry-level Xbox Series S console ⁠will reportedly cost $299 USD at retail. As for the Xbox Series X it will reportedly launch at the price of $499 USD.

Microsoft has yet to officially confirm these prices, but the leaked prices do line up with where the Xbox One and Xbox One X were originally launched.

The reports are also suggesting all Xbox Series X and S consoles will come with a $25 per month Xbox All Access financing option. This will include Xbox Live, and access to the huge catalogue of Xbox Game Pass titles.

As for Microsoft’s competitor, Sony is keeping its cards well hidden, rumors have suggested that the PS5 might be priced at $599 USD, but nothing official yet.