Xbox Series X Controller Package Leak Suggests Release Date On November 6

Category: Games, Date: 12/Aug/2020

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A new leak for the Xbox Series X controller reveals that the release date for Microsoft’s next-gen console might be on November 6.

The Verge Senior editor, Tom Warren shared an image on Twitter of Xbox Series S controller packaging he received from a tipster. 

On the package, there’s a sticker with the warning “do not sell or display before November 6, 2020,” indicating that this could be the launch date.

Additionally, a summary of the unboxing of the alleged Xbox Series S controller was posted on ResetEra along with a picture of the controller’s online registered warranty. The “Microsoft Limited Warranty” is set to end in November 5, 2021. The warranty covering a year from purchase suggests that the release date for the next-gen console will be on November 5 or 6.

The exact date of the launch is still not confirmed and these remain rumors, it also could be referring to the launch of the controller only. Microsoft though did confirm a November launch window for the Xbox Series X yesterday.