WWE Confirms That WWE 2K21 Has Been Canceled

Category: Games, Date: 24/Apr/2020

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The speculation over 2K Games canceling this year’s WWE title has been confirmed, WWE 2k21 is canceled.

The WWE confirmed the speculation in a quarterly report, WWE’s Frank Riddick (interim CFO) said after being asked if a new game will be released this year, “there’s not going to be a launch of a game this year.”

For the past few years, 2K Games has released subpar games, dropping the fan base’s expectations every year, WWE 2K18 on Switch was nothing but a disaster. Last year’s 2K20 was full of bugs that players simply dropped the game, it was slammed by both fans and critics for poor technical performance.

Since WWE 2K released on both new generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One) the game has been seriously affected negatively, with either many features missing, bugs, or straight up game crashes.

A 2K spokesperson told Polygon, “We will be sharing details on the future of the WWE 2K franchise as well as some exciting news on Monday at 7:00 a.m. PT.”

Although we might not be seeing a new WWE 2K game this year, there might still be hopes for the franchise to make a comeback in the future, hopefully with better performance and fewer bugs.