Video Game Addiction: Fortnite Players Are Getting Impatient

Category: Games, Date: 14/Oct/2019

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Fortnite players getting impatient chapter 2
Credit: Alamy

Fortnite players are getting impatient with the new “The End” event and want to play the game again.

On October 13, Fortnite rolled an event prior to Chapter 2, a dark hole destroyed the whole map and left players staring at a mysterious blue circle floating in the middle. 

Unable to play the game a lot of players have shown their frustration on social media. One video that was posted online of a child hitting the screen angrily that is showing the “mysterious blue circle floating” obviously wanting to play the game.

This spiked an outrage towards the kid’s unreasonable reaction, with some asking the parents to take the game away indefinitely as it’s obviously not healthy for him.

Social media has been divided in regards to Fortnite “The End”, with a lot of people sharing their excitement that Fortnite is finally getting removed entirely while others are getting impatient looking at the screen of a blue circle floating instead of playing the game. 

Video game addiction has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a mental disorder, and Fortnite’s event only proves that a huge part of the community due have an issue letting go of the game for a couple of days.

“Like low key I need fortnite to hurry up and do it’s thing. I actually want to play the game idc about season stuff, just wanna do my STW daily missions” one person commented.