Two New Pokémon Games Are Now Available On Facebook Gaming

Category: Games, Date: 24/Dec/2019

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Two new Pokémon games have launched on Facebook Gaming, Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle, both currently available to play.

Pokémon Tower Battle is available to play now and worldwide. It puts two players against each other, similar to Tetris blocks, players drop Pokémon out of the sky and building a tower. The game is lost once a tower is knocked down or your Pokémon falls off the platform.

“As players discover, catch and level-up rare Pokémon, they can compete in real-time against friends or across a global leaderboard,” Facebook said in a press release. “It might seem like a simple physics-based puzzler at first, but the strategic choices in where and how players stack Pokémon will determine the true Tower Battle masters.”


As for the second game, Pokémon Medallion Battle, it’s currently only available in the Philippines. The game is a digital card game, it allows players to collect Pokémon in the form of medallions. Players can fill out their Pokédex while also leveling up their Pokémon and winning gym badges.

Both games are available on the Facebook Gaming platform as part of the instant Facebook gaming.