Thor’s Hammer Crash Lands On The Fortnite Map

Category: Games, Date: 24/Aug/2020

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Epic Games

Thor’s legendary hammer Mjölnir came crashing down into Fortnite’s island and creating a giant crater in the ground.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks about Marvel’s superheroes making a presence in the battle royal game, which has been confirmed.

On August 22, a rift opened up above the island, and the Fortnite’s official account tweeted a cryptic message that read: “The Herald has found The Island,” an image of Thor was along with it.

A new set of comic pages were added to Fortnite before the hammer appeared in-game. The comic tells the story of Thor and Galactus in an intro to the new season, which begins in a few days.


The new panels showcase Thor fighting against some Fortnite characters but suddenly felt weak and dropped his hammer from the sky before landing on the island creating a giant crater in the ground.

Leaks have shown that multiple Marvel heroes will be added to the game, including Wolverine. The new season is set to launch in a couple of days so fans are expecting more comic pages which gives them more insight on what’s more to come in the story.
Fortnite season 4 is set to begin on Thursday, August 27.