Steam Hits New Concurrent User Record Of 20 Million Due To Coronavirus

Category: Games, Date: 16/March/2020

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The popular gaming platform seems to be breaking new records after the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Steam Database, the number of all-time concurrent players peak of 20 million. Steam’s last highest record of concurrent players was only two days ago, with 19 million players.

The most popular games on Steam right now are CS: GO with a peak of 1,024,845 players this week, Dota 2 managed to peak 701,632, and PUBG hit over 600,000 players.

The reason behind the sudden increase in player numbers is probably due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which led to the shutdown of public places, workplaces sending their employees home, and countries entering lockdown, in an attempt to combat the disease, forced people to stay home.

It seems people are playing video games to help pass the time as they remain home, and Steam seems to be a great choice considering the endless library of games for people to pick from.