Steam Changes Auto-Update Policy To Help Internet Speed During COVID-19 Pandemic

Category: Games, Date: 31/March/2020

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Steam is making changes to its auto-update features in an effort to reduce data strain, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steam has managed to break their record for the highest concurrent players multiple times during the coronavirus pandemic that’s forcing people to stay home.

With the shutdown of public places, workplaces sending their employees home, and countries entering lockdown, in an attempt to combat the disease, the strain on the internet has increased drastically.

Many video game companies, including PlayStation, have slowed down their download to deal with the bandwidth issue. 

Steam will now only issue immediate auto-updates to games you have played within the last three days. Players can still manually update the game of their choosing at regular speed, but the auto-updates scheduled overnight will now be spread over multiple days.

Players can scheduling updates for some games, opt-out of auto-updates for other games, and self-throttle their own connection, to “ease the load on your network connection.” Steam stated that it’s “looking into additional solutions to help on our side”