Snake Teaser Was A Joke And Wont Be Included In Tekken 7

Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 5/8/2019

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Snake from Metal Gear Solid series teaser on Evo 2019 was a joke, and will probably not be included in Tekken 7 anytime soon.

A brief video of a Metal Gear Solid style codec communication appeared on screen, Snake said to Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada, “That was some good-ass Tekken”, that clip was only broadcast to people that were at the Evo 2019 and not on the official Evo stream.

The teaser led people to believe that Snake will be featured in the game’s season 3 pass, especially that Snake appeared in the Nintendo’s Smash Bros.

Bandai Namco didn’t confirm that Snake will be featured in Tekken 7, that didn’t stop the rumors from spreading.

Evo organizers tweeted that it was simply a joke, it was their idea and they didn’t consult Bandai Namco, it wasn’t intended to imply a character reveal and apologized for the confusion.

The community weren’t happy about the little joke that was pulled on them at Evo, expressing their anger and annoyance to the matter on Twitter.

One person on Twitter commented:

“That was actually EXTREMELY thoughtless tbh. Disappointing of whoever’s idea it was, and very disrespectful to Harada and Bandai Namco. Faking an insane reveal and tease for a character as huge as Snake, then ripping it away could easily damage people’s Tekken 7 Season 3 hype.”