SivHD Will Be Streaming World Of Warcraft Classic

Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 23/8/2019

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Dutch Streamer and content creator Robbert “SivHD” van Eijndhoven will be streaming World of Warcraft Classic on Monday midnight.

A couple of hours ago SivHD announced on his Twitter and Facebook that he will be streaming World of Warcraft classic, stating he will be streaming it fulltime for at least 2 years.

“WoW Classic is releasing in just a few days, I’ll be on EU RP-PVP “Zandalar Tribe”, Everyone is welcome to join me on dungeons and Raids, we CANT have ENOUGH Raiders!! Join us on stream and discord! Monday midnight is gonna be hype. “ Posted on his Twitter.

On his Facebook page, he finished his post with “ALLIANCE”, you make your own conclusions with that, as we all know SivHD is known for “juking”.

Facebook: @sivhdonline

The popular streamer is well known in the streaming community for playing League of Legends, making exceptionally weird item builds, and for “juking” enemies with his LeBlanc.
He also did charity streams where he managed to raise $106,000 in one day after streaming for 13 hours!
To check out SivHD’s stream here is his Twitch channel.