Rust Breaks Its All-Time Player Count Record On Steam Again

Category: Games, Date: 20/Jan/2021

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The survival shooting game Rust breaks a new record of concurrent players for this month, almost doubling its player count from the previous month. 

The game was released back in 2013, and after Rust got the attention of big named streamers such as xQc, Myth, Shroud, and Pokimane streaming the game on Twitch, the number of its player base keeps rising. On January 16, Rust hit a new peak of 244,294 concurrent players, once again breaking its player count record.

Earlier this month, Rust’s player count record sat at just 134,483. Since then the player base rose up to 244,294 on Steam.

Facepunch Studios. Alistair McFarlane, Producer at Facepunch Studios, released a few stats about the game’s resurgence. This year alone, Rust has seen:

  • 6 million Twitch drops claimed
  • 79 million hours watched (within Twitch Rust section)
  • 513 million total Twitch views
  • 361k hours broadcast within (Twitch) Rust section

Rust isn’t the only game that got recognition through Twitch, Among US became one of the most popular games in 2020 after popular streamers picked up the game, proving that Twitch can have a massive impact on giving an enormous boost to video games.

Rust continues to grow and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down, with a peak of over a million viewers on Twitch, it seems 2021 will be full of success for the game.