Rumor: Valve Is Planning To Announce A VR Aame Called Half-Life: Alyx

Category: Games, Date: 18/Nov/2019

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Credit: Valve

A rumor surfaced stating that Valve will announce a flagship virtual reality game called Half-Life: Alyx.

Tomorrow marks the 21st anniversary of the release of the first Half-Life game, which is the same day the rumor states the game will be announced, another rumor states that the game will be announced on December 12.

Important to note that Valve has said that they’ll be announcing a flagship VR game this year, but nothing has been mentioned as far as details.

The source of the interesting rumor is the same leaker responsible for the DOTA Underlords leak. The leaker quotes from an interview between “Geoff” (Geoff Keighley, in his capacity as the creator of the “Final Hours” documentaries about Valve games), Robin Walker (co-developer of Team Fortress 2 among other games), and an unnamed third person.

Geoff says in the transcript that Half-Life Alyx will be coming out in March 2020.

When asked why does the game have to be VR only? The answer from an unnamed person was: 

“Yeah, I mean we would love to be delivering a version of this that you could play with a mouse and a keyboard, but like as we said, it began as an exploration of VR,” 

The game will be a VR exclusive as far as we know… meaning it will not be playable for keyboard and mouse the way we’re used to with older versions of the game.

The little description we got of the game from the transcript, “you can see their whole body– Respond to the situation. You know, panicking, dropping clips on the ground as they fumble their weapons ’cause a zombie’s in front of them, all these things, they’re just – it’s been really fun watching playtests.”

For the time being, nothing is confirmed and these are all rumors so take them with a grain of salt.