Rumor Xbox Series S/Lockhart Price Will Be Half Of Xbox Series X

Category: Games, Date: 17/Jun/2020

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A rumor has surfaced that Mircosoft is planning to release the Xbox Series S/Lockhart for half the price of the Xbox Series X.

On the Beyond3D forums, the insider Eastmen revealed that the Xbox Series S will be half the price of the Series X, come in a small form factor and it will be exclusively a digital console.

The insider doesn’t know the final price for the Xbox Series X and as such can’t know the final price for the Series S, but he had heard that Microsoft was prepared for a $400 Xbox Series X. Choosing to go for such a low price Eastmen said the Microsoft will make up for the low price of the console by getting a higher cut of game sales and Game Pass subscriptions.

“Last I heard it be half the price of the XSX and last I heard MS were prepared for a $400 XSX. I am not sure what the final price will be. I think if sony is $500/$600 MS may try to go in at $200/$400/$500 but we will see.” Eastmen continued, “MS will make up any losses they take by getting a higher cut of game sales and more subscriptions. Pricing also depends on what Sony does. MS doesn’t have to go as extreme in pricing if sony prices itself higher.”

Eastmen also talked about the July event, where the Xbox Series S will be announced and the pricing of the Xbox Series X. According to the insider, Microsoft wants the event to be a “night of mic drops”, revealing a line-up of games that will make all previous Xbox line-ups pale in comparison. The official day for the event is still unknown.

“But from what I’ve heard from all my sources July isn’t about sony , July is about the industry and they want it to be a night of mic drops . They are going to come hard with the strategy they have been building up to for years and they want google , amazon , apple , sony and yes Nintendo to shaken up . So expect a series of Mic drop moments followed by the price being the key part of all this.”

Although Eastmen has proven to be somewhat reliable in the past when it comes to leaks, we should take all the information provided with a grain of salt. Nothing as of yet has been announced officially.