Rumor: PS5 Launch Titles Won’t Be Cross-Gen Games

Category: Games, Date: 06/Dec/2019

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Credit: Future

According to a rumor, the PlayStation 5 launch games are not going to be cross-generation titles.

During a Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, Jason Schreier talked about the next generation consoles and their launch games. Schreier mentioned that he heard that the PlayStation 5 launch games will not be available on the older console generation. He did not specify if these are first and second party titles only.

Schreier also stated that he doesn’t know what Microsoft’s exact plans are, but he assumes that Scarlett launch titles will be targeting the new console as well as the Xbox One and PC, similar to the new game, Halo Infinite.

He also talked about the accessibility for the next-gen consoles, stating that players will be able to play for a very short time and quitting with no issues, similar to a video streaming service like Netflix.

To listen to the full podcast you can find it here. The next-gen consoles talk is at the 25-minute mark.

Sony has revealed plenty of information in regards to the hardware and performance of the PS5, along with new features coming to the next-gen controller and teased that the console will be cheaper than expected.

We’re still unsure what the PlayStation 5 will actually look like, nor do we have information on the size of the SSD storage. Sony will most likely unveil the console in February 2020.