Rendered Version Of The PlayStation 5 Concept Design

Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 25/8/2019

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Credit: LetsGoDigital

The Sony patent found by LetsGoDigital, shows what the concept design of the PlayStation 5 looks like, the rumors around the patent were confirmed by a deleted tweet now from a game developer that it’s the PlayStation 5 developer kit’s actual design. 

That still doesn’t confirm that the final design will be the exact same as the concept design as changes may occur throughout development.

A rendered version of the concept design was created by LetsGoDigital, and it turned out amazing!

The design looks unique, with a V shape that might be to showcase that this is the number 5 (In Roman Numeral) for the PlayStation, it also seems to have a lot of air ventilation to avoid overheating.

LED lights were also added shining through the openings giving it a much better look overall.

It’s important to note the rendering is not official and Sony might have other plans on how their console will look, still, the performance of the PS5 is what’s ultimately the most important aspect and we’re hoping it meets its expectations.