Rainbow Six Siege Hits A New Milestone Of 50 Million Players

Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 7/9/2019

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Rainbow six siege hits 50 million players

After reaching a total of 45 million players in February last year, Rainbow Six Siege is continuing to grow its player base reaching a whooping of 50 million players.

Through Twitter, Ubisoft announced that their game has now hit a new milestone, 50 million players. An outstanding number that brings the game’s Esports director a step forward towards his ambition to get to 100 Operators.

Rainbow Six Siege is more successful than ever, with Ubisoft constantly updating the game, it’s obvious that it’s received positively by the players, making sure that the enjoyment aspect of the game is always a priority.
Rainbow Six Siege will be playable on both Xbox Scarlet and Playstion 5, the fact that Rainbow Six Siege will be available on the new generation of console proves that the game is here to stay.
Currently, Rainbow Six Siege is free to play until September 9th, so if you’re planning to try out the game before purchasing it, now would be the best time.