PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode Returns

Category: Games, Date: 20/Jun/2020

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PUBG Mobile’s Jungle Adventure mode (Mysterious Jungle) is back to the game with some changes to it.

The game mode was released back on June 1 but had to be removed after part of the player base found it offensive. The game mode allows players to pray in front of “totems” to gain items, energy, health, and other perks. The Muslim community found it offensive as it is prohibited in the Islamic religion to worship idols.

Tencent brought back the game mode but with changes. Totems were removed and instead, item crates were added. The praying animation has been removed as well. Players have to activate these item crates to obtain the same perks as the totems used to provide.

The mode adds a lot of interesting features to the jungles of Sanhok, such as special jungle food scattered on the map which can be consumed to gain special effects and a new vehicle in the form of a hot air balloon.