Pokémon Unite A MOBA Game Being Developed By Tencent

Category: Games, Date: 24/Jun/2020

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The Pokémon Company revealed that it’s working together with Tencent on a new game which will be a Pokémon MOBA style game.

The new game called Pokémon Unite developed by Tencent’s Timi Studios will be available on both Mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. The game will “free-to-start” and cross-play will be available for players on different platforms.

Players will have the ability to control various Pokémon on standard-looking MOBA map, the goal is to collect more points than the opposing team before time runs out.

Playable Pokémon include Pikachu, Clefable, Gengar, Snorlax, Lucario, Squirtle, Charmander, and more. Every player will start out at level 1 and will level up their selected Pokémon, learning new moves, attributes, and evolving into new forms during a match.

Pokémon is without a doubt has a massive history, from the popular anime show to the different video games that revolve around the Pokémon world. But this is a new experience for fans dwelling into Pokémon that will adopt a MOBA style game.