PlayStation 5 Release Date Is Not Affected By The Coronavirus Pandemic

Category: Games, Date: 13/May/2020

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The new PlayStation 5 console’s release date will not be affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Sony’s earnings report earlier today, the new generation console’s release date will remain the same in late 2020, even with the COVID-19 pandemic creating restrictions on workplaces.

Sony faced difficulties in the tested process and the qualifications of product lines, Sony said, “development is progressing with the launch of the console scheduled for the 2020 holiday season.”

The report also says that sales of downloadable games, PS Plus, and PlayStation Now subscriber numbers have significantly increased. 

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer revealed that the launch of the Xbox Series X will remain the same. Nintendo, on the other hand, seems to be struggling with the current pandemic as they stated that Nintendo Switch owners should expect game delays if the pandemic worsens.

Even though the launch for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is still set this holiday, things are subject to change if thing develops with the current pandemic, as international distribution of consoles could be affected in countries going through different pandemic outcomes.