Nintendo Shuts Down All Repair Centers In North America

Category: Games, Date: 25/March/2020

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Nintendo has announced the shut down of its repair center in North America “until further notice” due to the coronavirus pandemic and to comply with “federal and local guidelines.”

Nintendo has released a FAQ in order to address some customer concerns:

When do you expect to be able to resume repair service?

Our repair centers will remain closed until further notice in accordance with federal and local guidelines in place due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

This page will be updated when repair service resumes.

What if I already sent in my existing repair order?

If your repair order is currently in transit to us, it is possible that it will be returned to you as undeliverable.

If the repair center was able to receive the repair order, it will remain there until repair services resume.

If I have an existing repair order that has not been sent, can I still ship it?

No. If you send in your product for repair at this time, it may be returned to you as undeliverable.

Once repair service resumes, can I still use my existing repair order?

Your repair order will remain on our systems for 180 days. Once repair service resumes, you can still use the same repair order within that time.

What if my product’s warranty expires while repair centers are closed? Will I still be able to set up a repair?

If the warranty for a product expires during the closure period, we will honor the warranty for the amount of time our repair centers are closed.

The full shutdown of Nintendo’s repair centers only applies in North America only, while the situation in other countries doesn’t seem to be the same, In the UK, Nintendo mentions that “there may be delays in responses to messages and processing repairs,” but nothing about a full shutdown.