Nightblue3 Banned After Threatening To Get A Teammate Banned

Category: GamesBy: Sorryow, Date: 14/6/2019

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Nightblue3 a popular twitch streamer known for playing the jungle role in the MOBA game League Of Legends was banned for 14-days, the 14-day suspension was received after nightblue3 had threatened to use his influence to get Teemo one-trick Nubrac banned.

Nightblue3 Was determined that Nubrac was griefing after he abandoned bot lane to go mid with Irelia, Nightblue3 decided to afk the game afterwards. The situation didn’t end with Nightblue3’s threats, after the game he went to a private Riot Discord server for members of the league partner program, contacting Riot about Nubrac in an attempt to get him banned. A little while later Nubrac was banned for two weeks.

The ban wasn’t only towards Nubrac though, as Nightblue3 also received a similar ban.

Nubrac submitted an appeal to Riot, which they deemed the suspension was still valid.

This whole situation should set an example for all big content creators that they are still not different than anyone else that plays the game, and using any means to threaten players through special privileges will get you punished.