Minecraft Steve Joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate as New DLC Fighter

Category: Games, Date: 01/Oct/2020

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Nintendo has revealed that Steve from Minecraft will be joining Super Smash Bros as part of Fighter Pass Two.

The announcement of a new fighter shocked fans as it wasn’t anticipated, and it was announced one day ahead of the stream being held.

Steve was requested by fans for a long time to join Super Smash Bros. The presentation also revealed that Steve will have differents skins from Minecraft, such as the Zombie and Enderman. 

Players can purchase the pack individually for $5.99, or alternatively buy the Fighter’s Pass for $29.99, which will give access to this and the remaining four fighters still to come.

Full reveal:

Over 400,000 people joined into the stream for Steve’s reveal, the announcement also caused Twitter to crash temporarily. 

The second Fighters Pass will come with six new characters from 2020 to late 2021, with four more still to be announced and released before next December.

On October 3, Masahiro Sakurai will be on the stream to explain more about the new character, and other details surrounding the fighter.