Microsoft Denies Reports That It Delayed The Xbox Event To August

Category: Games, Date: 09/Jun/2019

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Microsoft denies reports claiming that the Xbox Series X reveal event has been delayed from its initial schedule from June to August.

Media Journalist Jeff Grubb confirmed that Microsoft has postponed its June event until next August. That event was not officially announced and it was dedicated to reviewing the device itself.

Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg confirmed on Twitter that Microsoft has no delayed any events, Xbox 20/20 digital show is still scheduled to hold in July.

“We have not pushed anything back, our plan remains to have our next digital show in July and teams are working hard on that.”

It was reported that Microsoft would showcase the rumored cheaper next-gen Xbox on its June event. Microsoft did not formally announce a June event and didn’t tell fans what to expect.

Microsoft stated that it would news to share for the Xbox every month throughout the year, but it wouldn’t always take the form of a digital show. It is expected that Microsoft will release news about the Xbox in June.