Masahiro Sakurai Showcases Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Camera’s Capabilities

Category: Games, Date: 05/Jan/2020

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Image via Masahiro Sakurai

Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai showcases the camera’s capabilities of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game.

Sakurai is known to share behind the scenes development information with his fans, and for over 10 days he’s been showing off some of the pictures he took using the camera’s feature.  

Sakurai said in a tweet that he would frequently send those images taken by the game’s camera to the development team, and thought he’d share them with everyone.

“Throughout the development of Smash Ultimate, I have been sending the team a picture every day. This is still going on. I figured I’d start uploading some of those pictures here and there. Please note that sometimes these pictures are taken with development tools!”

The image shared by Sakurai shows a beautiful shot of the in-game characters, Kirby and Hero from Dragon Quest on the Battlefield stage as they look off to the distance.

Another image taken by the developer tools is of Ken performing a Shinryuken, and it looks outstanding!

This one caught fans’ attention and was quickly used as a meme template where they shared their own creations in the comment section.

Sakurai will probably continue to share amazing images with Super Smash Bros fans, you can keep up with him on his Twitter as his posts are completely random. Fans have also created an album that holds all the images shared by Sakurai.