Little Devil Inside Developers Apologize And Promise To Change Racist Enemy Design

Category: Games, Date: 15/Jun/2020

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The developers of Little Devil Inside issued an apology after people on social media pointed out racist stereotypes in the trailer for the open-world RPG.

Little Devil Inside was showcased in The Future of Gaming event, which revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 and featured other games that will be released on the next-generation console. In the trailer, people noticed some enemies which seemed to be caricatures of black or indigenous characters.

People on social media pointed out that the design of the characters contained racist stereotypes such as big red lips, dreads, and white loincloths.

Neostream Interactive issues an apology through a Facebook post saying that they did not intend to showcase any racist stereotypes for their character and promised fans that they will change the design.

“Racist stereotypes of any kind were absolutely not intended, we were not aware of the stereotypical connotations, and wish to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by the character design,” Neostream explains.

Neostream will do the following fixes to the characters:
1- Remove the Dreadlocks.
2- Change the bold lips.
3- Change skin tone.
4- Tweak the dart blower so it looks less like a joint.

If the design ends up not being suitable for the game, they will have to change the design of the characters entirely.